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    How are user timezones detected?

    The user's timezone can't be detected by a ReST call itself.

    The client's public IP addresses we can be used in combination with ReST service to find a rough location.

    When a client logs into the system, the client's timezone is passed as a parameter in the ReST call /v1/auth/login/{username}.

    ReST auth login

    The web pages that use the library jstz to detect the timezone and then does log-in via ReST. We remember the user's timezone in the database session record.

    Sample Application

    by:Nigel Leck - 11 Jun 2016
    How to install spell checker


    To enable spell checker, the package 'aspell' needs to be installed on the server side. TinyMCE calls a web service 'v1/spell' to check spelling and store words in the user's dictionary.

    by:Nigel Leck - 10 May 2016
    All stSoftware's web services are published with interactive documentation.

    All stSoftware's web services are published using Swagger which gives interactive documentation, client SDK generation and discoverability.

    Below are all the standard RESTful web services and how to use them. 

    by:Nigel Leck - 30 Mar 2016
    How to set up Google Analytics tracking

    To set up Google Analytics tracking of your web site.

    • Log into you Google Analytics account.
    • Create a new Tracking ID
    • Switch to the SEO tab in the web site and enter the Tracking ID
    • All standard templates will automatically create the Google tracking script when a tracking ID is entered and not in design mode.


    Create a tracking ID

    List of tracking IDs


    Page template


    by:Nigel Leck - 29 Oct 2015
    Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Back-ups & Redundancy

    All databases are backed up and transferred off site nightly.

    As part of the document storage process files have a SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) hash calculated and then the files are compressed and encrypted. The SHA-1 and the encryption keys are stored in the client's database. The compressed encrypted documents are stored on multiple file server nodes in the cluster. Each night the encrypted documents are replicated off site.

    by:Tina Odling - 29 Sep 2015
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