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    What is the stSoftware deployment process?

    Agile continuous delivery pipeline


    The stSoftware incremental upgrade process consists of a continuous integration system and three separate staged environments.

    Continuous integration system

    Main steps:- 

    1. Checks out the current code and databases
    2. Cleans the databases
    3. Creates the release.
    4. ~6,500 automated tests are run. 
    5. If ALL automated tests past then the release is then promoted for distribution.
    6. Distribution occurs Sunday -> Thursday to the Edge environment.


    Test Trend


    A release is firstly built and tested by the continuous integration system ( Jenkins), if ALL (~6,300 automated tests) pass then the release is automatically promoted for release.


    Deployed daily (Monday-Friday between 4am and 4:30am) from a promoted release ( 100% successful tests). 


    Deployed weekly on Sunday between 3am and 3:30 am from the current Edge release. The release has been in the Edge environment for at least 2 days.


    Deployed monthly on the first Saturday of the month between 2am and 2:30am from the last Agile. The release has been in the Agile environment for at least 6 days.