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    How to build and edit email template in minutes.

    Use templates to send emails to user and customers

    How to build/edit template

    Navigate to Emails > Templates

    Email Template 

     Select the template to edit or create new one.

    Template Screen


    Fetch data from the database

    Data from the system can be added to the template subject or body using field tokens.

    The token format is ${object.field}

    Object can be: recipient, sender, target or globals.

    Use the recipient object to fetch data from the current recipient you send the email to.

    Use the sender object to fetch data from the current sender of this email.

    Use the target object to fetch data from the object the template is linked to like Invoice or Job.

    Use the globals object to fetch global data from the system, like your company name ${}


    In the example below we used the tokens:

    ${} - This token is the recipient object and the field that we used is 'name', we could have chosen
    for example other field like ${} or ${recipient.address}

    ${target.shortdesc} - This token is based on the target object, which in this example is the Task object, and we fetch the short description field
    or the suburb by ${target.displaySiteSuburbCity}


    Meeting invitation template 


    Other Fields

    Subject: This is the email subject line and it can have tokens

    BCC Sender:  Set this flag to add the sender as BCC in the email.

    Reply To:  Enter the address to which you want the recipient(s) to reply

    Attachment: Add an attachment file.

    Embed Remote Images: Set this flag to embed the images in the email instead of sending a link to the image. When using large images, consider using a remote image path to the images rather than locally embedding them to improve performance.


    Design your template using CSS

    The template editor supports many options to design your template and mostly will be enough. But sometimes you might need more styles and you can use the CSS tab to add them.