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    HTTPS versus HTTP, the debate is over.

    SSL is
    secure socket layer  ie. HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://

    Every web page that is sent via HTTP:// is in plan text and can easily be intercepted or even changed via what is know as "man in the middle" or "man on the side" attacks.

    Mobile network provides often  "improve" HTTP web pages by injecting their own scripts & images, often these unwanted "improvements" break the page being served. HTTPS prevents the carriers from being able to inject their own content.

    Even when you only access the system via

    by:Nigel Leck - 19 Mar 2015
    How to test Access Control Limits (ACLs)?


    Access Control Limits (ACLs) are the expression of the systems information security policies, they can be complex in their nature and vital to not only be correct but also to be seen as correct. The ACLs sanity checks allow for this business level visibility to the information security policies.

    All sanity checks in the base product are run as part of the system build process which does not proceed  if there are any failures.

    The sanity checks allow for dummy data to be generated ( but not saved) and

    by:Nigel Leck - 19 Mar 2015
    Upgraded the default site SSL to get an A+ grade


    The default SSL handler for the hosted sites has been upgraded to include "perfect forward secrecy" and we have dropped support for the weaker SSL ciphers. 

    The drop of the weaker SSL ciphers means old browsers such as Windows XP IE7 will no longer be able to connect via HTTPS. IE7 will still be able to connect to the non-encrypted HTTP sites or alternatively Windows XP users can use more modern browsers Chrome or Firefox. 

    HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) has been enabled by default,

    by:Nigel Leck - 8 Mar 2015
    JDK7 end of life April 2015


    Oracle public support for JDK7 will end as of April 2015. Oracle will automatically upgrade JRE7 to JRE8 as of January 2015.

    As of January 2015 the supported version of Java will be JDK8, all clients will be upgraded within the next quarterly release cycle.

    by:Nigel Leck - 30 Dec 2014
    How to use the "Web Folders" from Mac OS

    You can use cloud file manager as a web folder (webDAV) on Mac by "Map network drive" lunching Finder and choosing the menu item "connect to server" from the "Go" menu.

    Connect to server

     Choose "Connect to a server"

    Connect to server dialog


    Then enter the URL of your Job Track server https://hostname/dav 

    You'll then be asked for your user name and password:- 

     Enter your user name password

    Now the files will be listed as if they were local to the Mac:-

    Mac using webdav

    by:Nigel Leck - 9 Sep 2014
    Java Code generator enhancements for JDK7


    How that JDK6 support has been dropped after Java 1.6 reached EOL in February 2013. The new COIN Java 7 language features have been added to the code generator. 

    See an example of the generated Java code for SiteScriptModule here

    by:Nigel Leck - 11 Jun 2014
    Image searching feature

    stSoftware uses the Lucene API to provide the document indexing for searching. The functionality of the Lucene core API is extended with the Lucene Image Retrieval (LIRE) API. When an image file is uploaded/changed in the cloud file manager automatic LIRE indexing on the image is performed and stored as a searchable attribute of the image file.

    The system allows for searches of images with exact or similar image content based on the LIRE index. All documents (including images) have a SHA1 checksum

    by:Nigel Leck - 20 Apr 2014
    You have such big ideas but so few characters...


    Our free text shorter service uses a clever combination of word replacement, adorable images and good old fashioned magic to optimize your tweets. In case you don't have hours to sit with your teenager to learn the latest hipster abbreviations this service is for you.

    by:Nigel Leck - 25 Mar 2014
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