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    JDK7 end of life April 2015

    All clients will be migrated to JDK8 with the next release of the stSoftware system.


    Oracle public support for JDK7 will end as of April 2015. Oracle will automatically upgrade JRE7 to JRE8 as of January 2015.

    As of January 2015 the supported version of Java will be JDK8, all clients will be upgraded within the next quarterly release cycle.

    Breaking Changes

    There are a number of breaking changes as part of the JDK8 upgrade

      1. Client ODBC support as been removed. Client programs must be ported to use SOAP or ReST instead.
      2. Rhino JavaScript engine has been replaced by Nashorn Javascript Engine. The script engine is used for calculations and generation of web pages.
        • Customized non standard Javascripts that work with Rhino but not Nashorn will need to be ported to Nashorn. Scripts compatible with the standard ECMAScript 5.1 will work unmodified. 
      3. Remove the Permanent Generation JVM options:- 

        • -XX:MaxPermSize

        • -XX:PermSize

      4. Use G1 instead of deprecated CMS options for JVM garbage collection

    Compatibility Guide for JDK 8