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    Meeting invites now include an attachment with the event details.

    The industry standard calendar event file can easily be imported to any calendar


    When people are invited to your meeting a special file will be included in the generated email which can be imported into their mobile phone calendars so that they don't miss your special event. 


    Create an event with summary, description time etc


    Invite attendees in "Invite Others" tab


    Enter event location


    Click "Send Invitation" button in event screen

    The Meeting.ics file which could be imported to attendee's calendar(iCal, google calendar etc) is attached to this email


    Attendee received this email with the Meeting.ics attached in the mobile phone


    Click the attached Meeting.ics to view the event details and add to calendar


    Click the "Yes" button to notify organizer that you are going to attend the event


    Organizer could check if the attendee accepts or rejects the event in the event data entry screen