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    Beta test our new control panel

    You can see the new Control panel by setting screen version to 5.


    A new responsive design for the main control panel.

    Features include:-

    • Responsive design
    • Search box now searches articles.

    Top right menu

    Try out the Demo


    The control panel uses a new set of menus "CONTROL_PANEL_2". Any menu changes will need to be redone.

    Change the screen version



    Email Menu

    Shows your latest 5 emails


    Task Menu

    Shows your latest 6 open tasks


    Alert Menu

    Load your latest 10 alerts, you can delete alerts by clicking the X icon.


    New Alerts Notification

    A notification is shown once you have new alerts


    User Menu

    You can login/logout, change password or settings here



    Tab Context Menu

    Right click a tab to quick close tabs or refresh the current tab content.


    Collapsible Menu