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    What is Web Forms?

    stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer

    stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer

    stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer that enables web forms to be created quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. stSoftware's Forms are integrated with stSoftware's Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich cloud applications.

    Form Painter

    Quick and Easy Forms Design

    Empower business users and enhance developer productivity:

    • Auto-generate forms to support your business applications 
    • Customize forms quickly with an intuitive browser based designer
    • Design once and publish to browsers and mobile apps in an instant

    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Provide secure access to web forms and processes anywhere, on any device:

    • Take your processes on the go
    • Make the best use of mobile devices to capture data
    • Extend access to external users without reconfiguring your firewall or any software installations.

    Seamless Workflow Integration

    stSoftware's fully integrates forms and workflow.

    • Transform workflows into business applications with rich user experience
    • Interact with key business processes whether online or offline
    • Leverage a wide range of cloud services through stSoftware

    Module Highlights

    Quick & Easy Forms Designer

    stSoftware's Forms is intuitive, browser-based and requires no client software licensing or installation. Design visually appealing forms with sophisticated business logic and rich HTML formatting.
    Customize predefined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. Preview forms before publishing to ensure delivery of optimal user experience.

    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    cloud Forms provides instant publishing, securely extending forms and processes to users outside the firewall. Native mobile applications support offline access and enable capture of touch input, location data, camera photos, video, audio and more.

    Seamless Workflow Integration

    cloud Forms automatically generates workflow forms that can be quickly customized, turning traditional workflows in to sophisticated business applications.