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    What are the MINIMUM platform requirements?

    Any platform that will run the current release of Java and supports large memory heaps.


    stSoftware server Minimum requirements

    The system is a pure Java SE implementation. All extensions required to the standard JDK7+ install come bundled with the system installation. The system is intended as a large multi-user web application, having large internal data caches which require generous amounts of RAM on the server machine.

    The server is compatible with standard Java servlet 3.0 or above container. Supported servlet containers include : 

    Operating Systems

    The server is operating system independent which means that the server will operate on any Windows, Macintosh, Linux or UNIX machine that supports our minimum requirements.


    The stSoftware system is equally effective over a wide or local area network, or delivered via the internet, but it is worth noting that performance is directly affected by the standard of the infrastructure used therefore system speed will be improved by using a higher capacity network, internet connection, or PC.

    Minimum Server Requirements:
    • Java SE7 or above
    • A database server which can be one of :-
      • Postgresql 9.1+
      • MySql 5.5+
      • Microsoft SQL 2010+
      • Oracle 12+
      • Sybase 12.5+
    • Up to date JDBC database drivers for the above databases.
    • A server level computer with at least 4GB free RAM but a typical server has 12 GB of RAM or more.
    • The disk space required for the installation is a minimum of 300 MB (This does not include the user data and files).

    Please note these are the MINIMUM system requirements, see the IDEAL system design.