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    Release Notes: Cloud File Manager (CloudFM)

    Drag and drop file management

    Our Cloud File Manager (CloudFM) retains the core functionality and layout found in previous versions, but has been 
    completely rebuilt from the ground up with many new features and improvements based on your valuable feedback.

    The CloudFM module presents a paradigm shift in file management for stSoftware. This file manager is based on an hierarchical directory structure which uses AJAX to allow administrators to arrange files on the server, in the same way they do with file managers on their personal systems. This ability to hierarchically arrange files improves the manageability of large collections of documents.


    • Application-like look and feel via AJAX
    • Permissions by role and file uid
    • Drag and drop moves of files and directories
    • Attachment of files to multiple nodes and/or comments - location independence allows directory restructuring to have no affect on attachment functionality
    • Drag and drop attachment ordering
    • Single file upload with version options for file overwrite
    • File delete/rename/view/download/add/permissions
    • Secure file view/download
    • Metadata editor (fixed fields at this time)
    • File search